2008 Partecipanti e supplenti di Engine Master 2008

Scopri i partecipanti e i sostituti dell’Engine Masters Challenge 2008

Vedi tutti 1 fotoswpengineWordsMar 14, 2008 Alternative Team # Società Nome Motore 1 Cansler Automotive Racing Engines – C. A.R.E. Dan Cansler Chevy 2 Hinkle Performance Engines Buck Hinkle Mopar 3 Ted Eaton Specialty e Balancing Ted Eaton Ford 4 Len Caverly Pontiac 5 AD Perf. / Pacific Engines / RHP Scott Johnston Ford 6 Weingartner Racing #2 Eric Weingartner Chevy 7 H.P.H. (High Performance Heads) Dennis Dalsanto Chevy 8 RPM Racing Engines Steve Fehrman Ford 9 Atlantic Engines Robert McDonald Chevy 10 Dr. J’s Performance Bryce Mulvey Chrysler 11 R + T Motori da corsa Robert Peters Chevy 12 Corey Short Corey Short Chrysler 13 Woody’s Automotive Machine Dennis Woody Ford 14 Punisher Pontiacs Motorsports J.C. Culpepper Sr. Pontiac Show All Partecipanti Team # Azienda Nome Motore 1 BES Racing Engines Tony Bischoff Chevy 2 Jon Kaase Racing Jon Kaase Ford 3 School of Automotive Machinists – Team #2 Judson Massingill Chevy 4 Power Shop Racing Engine Joe Carroll Chevy 5 School of Automotive Machinists – Team #1 Judson Massingill Ford 6 McKeown Motorsport Engineering, Inc. Mark McKeown Ford 7 John Kaase (Team 2) – Quasi Kaase Jon Kaase Ford 8 MPG Heads Scott Main Ford 9 Traco Engineering Co. Larry Salisbury Chevy 10 Porting Dynamics Racing Engines Dave Storlien Chevy 11 Weingartner Racing Eric Weingartner Chevy 12 Coates Motorsports (Alt. 5) Nadine Coates Chevy 13 Clint Harrell Ford 14 David W. Kauffung David Kauffung Chevy 15 Blair Patrick Racing Blair Patrick Ford 16 Stine Automotive Machines (Alt. #6) Michael Stine Chevy 17 DCI Motorsports Inc. (Alt. #2) Don Johnston Pontiac 18 BTR Performance / Earl Emery Multi Financial Bill Trovato Oldsmobile 19 Survival Motorsports Barry Rabotnick Ford 20 Revolutionary Performance and Machine Daryl White Chevy 21 Tim Zepp Engines / Darin Morgan Tim Zepp Ford 22 Robinson Analytical Dale Robinson Oldsmobile 23 Semco Performance Michael Semchee Pontiac 24 Performance Crankshaft Inc Adney Brown Ford 25 BH Performance (Alt. #1) Brett Miller Mopar 26 Dove Performance Company – Team #1 (Alt. #3) David Dove Ford 27 R. M. Competition Randy Malik Ford 28 Mike Phillips Buick 29 Shade Racing Engine (Alt. #5) Terry Shade Chevy 30 Dove Performance Company – Team #2 (Alt. #4) David Dove Ford Show All

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